Our Approach

Inspiration is in our heart 

The TalentsTalk were born with one key idea in mind: gather and inspire a community that wants to learn, grow and share. A community of people who are driven by the will to learn more, who are open to new possibilities and experiences and are looking for inspiration to help them push their boundaries.

A community of curious and open minded people who seek a deeper understanding of the world and want to go beyond the surface of things.

Take the time to inspire our community

Our purpose is to help our community shift perspectives and stimulate their creativity by promoting innovative ideas and approaches. But we know that everyone has a busy life, trying to juggle multiple things at once, which do not always foster a favorable environment for inspiration and creativity.

This is why we believe it is essential to create a place, a moment for our community to take the time to really think and focus. Each of our TalentsTalk event focuses on one inspiring speaker and one specific theme to give the chance to our community to truly take the time to be inspired.

Our Team

Passion is what has been driving us…

We are a team of truly passionate people eager to share and promote innovative ideas and approaches with our community.

We believe inspiration lies within amazing people and we relentlessly and constantly look for extraordinary speakers to share their stories with our community. Crafting the most inspiring experiences for our community is our goal and what we strive to achieve at every event.

…since the beginning

The TalentsTalk were created by a Vancouver based non-profit organization, the Foreigners Talents Society founded by two young, dynamic and passionate French entrepreneurs well established in the Vancouver community.

At the roots of the Foreigners Talents Society are core values like the will to share knowledge, connect people with each other and inspire our community, which are also what has led to the idea of TalentsTalk.

Connect with Us

Want to learn more about our next events? Share your thoughts on one of the topics that’s already been discussed?

Or maybe, you want to be our next speaker?

Just send us a quick note below or come and meet our team at our next event.

We’ll be happy to answer your questions or take the time to engage in a more meaningful discussion about any inspiring topic.

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